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We know, and feel for, that student’s finances are often under pressure. Therefore we try our very hardest to get maximum good and cheapest possible accommodation options for all.
Many individuals and families in Trollhättan help in a non-profit way with concept – again, for the best of all students.
We have added up all the costs for youth hostels, private homes, transports, service/administration fee etc and then divided the total costs equally among all students.

In this way, everyone get really good and cheap accommodation options starting from 1000 SEK in total for 5 nights, in Trollhättan.

Students from all around the world appreciate this; especially our many students who have expensive travel costs.
What is crucial in order to offer these great benefits, is obviously that, everybody are onboard the ship. The principle is that all shares all costs, and then it will be cheap for everyone.

-One for all, all for one-
Perhaps you of practical and personal reasons wish to arrange a completely independent living, but anyway wish to support Aurora’s housing system to keep the accommodation fees low for your fellow students? Then there is a voluntary option for you to pay 600 SEK as a contribution. This deal of accommodation only applies to bookings of all 5 nights.
The reservation must be prepaid by June 21 and cannot be refunded.

Food card

If you want you can buy our special ”Food cards” for the course. That includes 15 or 8 hot meals (lunch and dinner).

The meals, included in this ”Food cards” are served in the restaurant located in the same building as the course venue and are of basic and good standard including salad, drink, bread and coffee. There will also be vegetarian alternatives.

“Food Cards” for lunch and dinner – two alternatives:
1) Food card with 15 vouchers for 1200 SEK.
2) Food card with 8 vouchers for 650 SEK.

The Food card has to be prepaid by June 21 and cannot be refunded.

This is just an offer from Aurora, and of course free of choice


The easiest connection to Trollhättan is trough Gothenburg. From both airports in Gothenburg you find Airport busses going to the Central train station (around 30min). From Gothenburg central train station you take a regional train going every hour to Trollhättan and the tickets for that doesn’t have to be booked in advance, just buy them when you arrive to the station. The train takes around 60 min to Trollhättan and costs around 70 SEK.

It’s also possible to take trains from Copenhagen, Stockholm and Oslo directly to Trollhättan but that normally takes a bit longer time and has to be booked in advance.

Trollhättan is a town located 80 km north east of Gothenburg, Sweden. Read more about Trollhättan and see map here (http://www.vastsverige.com/en/Visit-Trollhattan-Vanersborg/


All participants receive an Aurora Festival badge. This allows free access to the Festival concerts (if not sold out)

Practice rooms

We have practice rooms and pianos that can be reserved at course venue.


Ola Larsson General Manager – Aurora Chamber Music. Ph+46 (0) 70 654 12 50
Per Nyström, Artistic Director – Aurora Chamber Music. Ph +46 (0) 708 19 43 47