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Accommodation and Food



We know, and feel for, that student’s finances are often under pressure. Therefore we try our very hardest to get maximum good and cheapest possible accommodation options for all. Many individuals and families in Vänersborg help in a non-profit way with concept – again, for the best of all students. We have added up all the costs for youth hostels, private homes, transports, service/administration fee etc and then divided the total costs equally among all students.

In this way, everyone get really good and cheap accommodation options starting from 1200 SEK in total for all days, in Vänersborg.

Students from all around the world appreciate this; especially our many students who have expensive travel costs. What is crucial in order to offer these great benefits, is obviously that, everybody are onboard the ship. The principle is that all shares all costs, and then it will be cheap for everyone.

This deal of accommodation only applies to bookings of all nights.

Food card

If you want you can buy our special “Food Card” for lunch and dinner. Food card with 10 vouchers for 850 SEK.

NOTE! You are in Vänersborg for 9 days and your needs are probably more than 10 meals in total. Our ”Food Card” is tailored for participants that also want to eat at other places and times during the week sometimes. Don´t forget to preorder the “Food card” if you want it.

If you are buying single meals at the counter instead, the price for lunch is 69 sek and for dinner 89 sek. We are serving following for lunch and dinner and it includes: Lemonade/Carbonated water, salad bar, bread and coffee.   The Food card has to be prepaid by March 25 and cannot be refunded.   This is just an offer from Aurora, and of course free of choice