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Course content – application information

NOTE! If you ARE a citizen of countries of the European Union (EU), European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland. Please click here for futher information


Last day for registration: 25 february 2013




Make sure you have a recording or video ready before applying.
Your audition have to be attached ( an audio file via Sound Cloud  OR a You Tube link): Technical guide – Aurora Audition    This has to be a solo performance (with or without accompaniment), repertoire free of choice. One piece is enough, min 5 minutes.


All students will be offered at least


– 2 open individual master classes
– 2 open chamber music lessons
– rehearsals, coaching and concerts
– play in chamber music groups
– seminars and open work shops
– great fun and free concerts
(there will be no piano accompanists for the master classes)


Course fee


4 000 SEK. The course fee does not include costs for travel and accommodation and food. Further down on this page you can read about a lot of affordable options for this if you want to book this from Aurora.

The course fee has to be prepaid by Mars 25 and cannot be refunded.

NEWS! An additional theme to the main instrumental course is ”entrepreneurship”. This means seminars and discussion forums with students, professors and lecturers. This course is part one of three. Part two and three will take place the same period in 2014 and 2015. Students are not at all obligated to go part two and three. This course has NO COURSE FEE and gives 6 ECTS credits!


Performance and Selection


It is an absolute requirement that all participants are in place in Vänersborg throughout the course period from 28 April at 09:00 to 5 May at 21.00. NOTE! we can never make any exceptions to this rule. It is the same for everyone.

Groups and repertoire will be selected by the course management before arrival in Vänersborg. Detailed information about all this will be sent out to all selected students 4 weeks in advance. The professors will be performing in the festival concerts, and some student ensembles and student soloists will be selected to also perform in these concerts. The selection of wich students that will perform will be made by the course management and professors after the first few days of the course. All the Festival concerts are usually sold-out and draw a lot of media attention.




We know, and feel for, that student’s finances are often under pressure. Therefore we try our very hardest to get maximum good and cheapest possible accommodation options for all. Many individuals and families in Vänersborg help in a non-profit way with concept – again, for the best of all students. We have added up all the costs for youth hostels, private homes, transports, service/administration fee etc and then divided the total costs equally among all students.

In this way, everyone get really good and cheap accommodation options starting from 1200 SEK in total for all days, April 27 to May 6, in Vänersborg.

Students from all around the world appreciate this; especially our many students who have expensive travel costs. What is crucial in order to offer these great benefits, is obviously that, everybody are onboard the ship. The principle is that all shares all costs, and then it will be cheap for everyone.

-One for all, all for one- Perhaps you of practical and personal reasons wish to arrange a completely independent living, but anyway wish to support Aurora’s housing system to keep the accommodation fees low for your fellow students? Then there is a voluntary option for you to pay 600 SEK as a contribution. This deal of accommodation only applies to bookings of all 9 nights 27/4-6/5. The reservation must be prepaid by Mars 25 and cannot be refunded.

If you do not like the Aurora system to secure affordable housing for all students and do not want to book any of these offers, please write to info@aurorachambermusic.com and explain why and what plans you have.


Food card


If you want you can buy our special “Food Card” for lunch and dinner. Food card with 10 vouchers for 850 SEK.

NOTE! You are in Vänersborg for 9 days and your needs are probably more than 10 meals in total. Our ”Food Card” is tailored for participants that also want to eat at other places and times during the week sometimes. Don´t forget to preorder the “Food card” if you want it.

If you are buying single meals at the counter instead, the price for lunch is 69 sek and for dinner 89 sek. We are serving following for lunch and dinner and it includes: Lemonade/Carbonated water, salad bar, bread and coffee.   The Food card has to be prepaid by September 28 and cannot be refunded.   This is just an offer from Aurora, and of course free of choice