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This course has NO COURSE FEE and gives 7.5 ECTS credits!

All students will be offered at least:
– 2 open individual master classes
– 2 open chamber music lessons
– rehearsals and concerts with the Festival orchestra (exept pianists and singers)
– play in chamber music groups
– seminars and open work shops
– great fun and free concerts 
(there will be no piano accompanists for the master classes)
– NOTE! if you apply as a singer you need to open and read this
you will play chamber music with strings or winds. Some pianists will also play with singers

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Performance and Selection

Groups, orchestras and repertoire will be selected by the course management before arrival in Trollhättan. Detailed information about all this will be sent out to all selected students 4 weeks in advance. 

To play in the orchestra is an important part of the course where everyone participates (as well as the master classes and chamber music). Strings participate in 2-3 orchestra works / person and winds 4-5 orchestra works / person.

Preliminary orchestral repertoire:

Beeth Symph. 5. Tjaik Symph. 5. Dvorak Symph. 9. Sinf.concertante Mozart. Paganini – vl concert, Opera program, Bach double concerto, Grand Partita – Winds, Strauss op 7 – Winds 

The professors will be performing in the festival concerts, and some student ensembles and student soloists will be selected to also perform in these concerts. The selection of wich students that will perform will be made by the course management and professors after the first few days of the course.

ALL students plays in the different orchestras (exept pianists and singers) and chamber music groups.  

All the Festival concerts are usually sold-out and draw a lot of media attention.

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