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Please check out this list of common questions before sending us an email for help. Thank you!

I have already finished my studies. Can I still apply to Aurora master classes?
Yes, you can. Note:  in order to participate for free you need to be enrolled – OR have been enrolled in the past – in an official university (or equivalent) and present the needed documents to certify that. So, you can apply to Aurora even if you have finished your studies, but you have to show the same documentation.
If not, you cannot qualify for European Master classes and orchestra.
But, as you might have seen – there is an alternative course with a course fee.

What does certified document mean?
Certified means that another person (could be for example family member, friend or neighbour) must both sign AND text their name and provide their telephone number ON the copy.

Do all documents need to be certified?

Where do I send the certificates?
University Admissions in Sweden
FE 1
SE–833 83 Stroemsund,SWEDEN

Do I need to prove my nationality if I am swedish?

How does accommodation at Aurora works?
Aurora has a fantastic network with hostfamilies where students can stay for a symbolic prize. This accommodation offer is very popular. We also offer good deals in hotels.

Where is Trollhättan & Vänersborg? how do I get there?
Approximately 80 km north of Gothenburg. Trains run every hour from Gothenburg Central Station. No need to pre-book this train-tickets.

How does it work with food? Is there something organized?
In every festival/masterclass Aurora offers very good and affordable prizes for food (lunch & dinner) inside the masterclass perimeter.

How does it work with the ECTS-points? when will I get the course-certificate?
The ECTS-points are issued by the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, not by Aurora. It takes some months before everybody receive the documents prooving the participation and the points.

Can I send a CD for my application, or does it need to be Soundcloud and/or Youtube?
No, you cannot send a CD. Your application recording is only sent in via Soundcloud AND/OR a webblink, for example Youtube. You can easily mark your Youtube link as private, then it will not be displayed official on the Youtube, and we will not publish it either of course.

How long must a recording be?
It should be at least 5 minutes.

Can I send more then one recording?
Yes you can, and at least one.

Is there accompanists for the masterclasses?
No. We therefore recommend students to bring solopieces & concertos.

How many solo lessons do I get?
You get 2 individual solo masterclasses, unless you apply for Aurora Solo Masterclasses in the summer, then you receive 4 solo masterclasses.

How many chamber music lessons do I get?
You get at least 2 chamber music lessons

How much orchestra will I do in the summer?
In general the average student participate in 2, sometimes 3 pieces for orchestra.

Can I come later and leave earlier?

I am a non EU/EEA citizen, can Aurora write me an invitation letter?
We are very happy to do that.

Do I need to bring stand, music, scores?
Yes, music & stands. We recommend also stands for your individual practise.