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Aurora Chamber Music Scholarship

Every summer we give 2-4 young very talented musicians the Aurora Chamber Music Scholarship. As a part of the scholarship they are invited to our summer festival where they get profiled in the general program along with established international artists. They all are rising stars and their perfomences at our festivals has become very popular among the audience.


Zlata Chochieva – Piano – Russia
Alissa Margulis – Violin – German
Joona Pulkkinen – Cello – Finland


Tine-Ting Helseth – Trumpet – Norge
Emil Jonasson – Klarinett – Sverige
Brusk Zanganeh – Violin – Sverige


Daniel Migdal, violin – Sverige
Jakob Koranyi, cello – Sverige
Peter Friis Johansson, piano – Sverige/Danmark


Marko Mustonen, piano – Finland
Andreas Brantelid, cello – Sverige/Danmark


Fredrik Schöyen Sjölin, cello – Norge
Simona Bonfiglioli, violin – Sverige
Anna Christensson, piano – Sverige


Claudia Bonfiglioli, violin – Sverige
Tiina Karakorpi, piano – Finland
Johannes Rostamo, cello – Finland