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Aurora – Audition

Below two simple and fast ways to create:

  1. Either an audio file with Sound Cloud
  2. A video file with YouTube – to attach in your application to Aurora master class.

This has to be a solo performance (with or without accompaniment), repertoire free of choice.

Sound Cloud is totally private, this link is not published or possible to find on the internet. It is like you email us a private MP3-file. The great advantage with Sound cloud is that you do not have to worry about size or format of your audio file, Sound cloud does the job.
IF you wish to send in an YouTube link and if you want to make it non-visible on the internet, then mark it as unlisted.

This is your chance to shine so 😉

How to upload your audition audio through Sound Cloud?

Sound Cloud will deal with all audio file formats and sizes and convert it automatically if necessary. Super easy!! 😉

  • Create a Sound Cloud account here: http://soundcloud.com/signup.
    You will be required to confirm your email address before you are able to upload your audio file (be sure to check the confirmation email from Sound Cloud is not in your spam/junk folder).
  • Click the ‘UPLOAD & SHARE’ button found near the top of the page http://soundcloud.com/upload 
  • In the ‘INFO’ section, ‘TITLE’ your upload with your FULL NAME and INSTRUMENT
  • Below this in the ‘SETTINGS’ section select ‘PRIVATE’ and make sure that you also ‘ENABLE DOWNLOADS’. This will maintain the privacy of your audition and enable us to download your recording.
  • Click ‘SAVES’ at the base of the page.
  • You will then be taken to the page showing the Sound Cloud player. 
  • Below and to the right of the player is a box marked ‘SECRET LINK’. Copy and paste this link into your APPLICATION FORM along with all the other information required from the form.


How to submit your Audition as Video?

Record your video using either a webcam or video camera after carefully selecting your repertoire.?
DO make sure you are in frame and in focus.?
DO check the sound is clear and not distorted.?
DO review footage before submitting it – if you submit and make a mistake, there’s no turning back.?
DO NOT use digital zoom – think about where the microphone will be!?
DO NOT edit your footage (Eg. No post-production alteration of the sound). However, you may record excerpts and pieces separately.

  • Upload to YouTube.com after making an account and fill out the fields as follows. (a short tutorial on how to upload a video to YouTube click here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_O7iUiftbKU&feature=related
    Title Your name and instrument?
    Description Title of the recorded music?
    Tags Leave blank
    Category Aurora  audition?
    Publish your You Tube file as Public or Unlisted
  • Copy and Paste your YouTube video URL into the Application Form.

 We wish you all the very best of luck and very much look forward to hearing your audition.