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Aurora Festival Master Classes Vocal & Piano

Master class leaders

Barbara Hendricks  – Vocal 
Jiri Hlinka  –  Piano
(master classes for strings, winds, brass 10-18 July more info click here)

7,5 ECTS points- NO course fee
The course aims to develop participants’ understanding and development as professional or future professional musicians in an international perspective.

Welcome to apply to a group of exceptional young artists from all over the world and exchange creative ideas.
Master classes  – Chamber music –  Sinfonietta – Symphony orchestra – Ascultation – Seminars
Relish the chance to perform in public. Take risks, inspire audiences, meet people and have fun. Become an integral part of a performing arts community of which many of the world’s most important performers are also members.

We take pride in what we offer our participants so take time to read all of the information included in this document before you apply, so that you know what the Aurora Festival Master Classes & Orchestra is all about.

Ola Larsson/Manager and Per Nyström/Artistic Director

Aurora Festival Master Class – Piano
All participants will be offered at least 2 individual master classes with Jiri Hlinka. We also urge everyone to ascultate other participants’ masterclasses.
The pianists will also perform and have classes with chamber music at the festival. This could be in the form of  lieder, sonata with strings/winds or  piano trios etc 
Groups and repertoire will be selected by the course management before arrival in Trollhättan so that participants have time to learn their parts both for the chamber music and orchestra.
Everyone will participate in playing chamber music and orchestra. 

Aurora Festival Master Class – Vocal 
This course will focus on interpretation, personal coaching and career counseling.
All accepted students will have individual master classes with Barbara Hendricks.
Both female and male singers are welcome to apply for the course. 
Aurora will provide the master class- vocal with piano accompanists.
The master classes have normally a small audience of other course participants, usually 5-10 people.

The students should have prepared several pieces from at least 2 of these 4 categories:
1. Songs: German Lieder, French Mélodies,and other recital repertoire: Scandinavia, Spanish,etc.
2.Concert Repertoire with Orchestra  ex: R.Stauss’ Vier Letze Lieder, Mahler song cycles, Berlioz’ Les Nuit d’été)
3. Oratorio 
4. Opera and Operetta
Each singer should have at least one  Mozart song or aria

All participants will perform in front of the public, in master classes and concerts during the festival. Participants are asked to acknowledge that their master classes or concert performances may be filmed, recorded or photographed as and when required by the course management, and that they consent for such activities to take place on the understanding that they are not filmed, recorded or photographed for any commercial gain.

 Compulsory tasks for this course
Under the guidance of distinguished international professors/conductors and lectures,
all participants must:
– prepare and self study predetermined repertoire, published in late June
– prepare and self study a short piece of relevant literature (about 50 pages), published in late June  
– perform with  chamner music and/or Sinfonietta/Symphony orchestra during the festival, 10-18 July 2010
– participate in all course days in Trollhättan, 10-18 July 2010
– participate in all scheduled course parts – rehearsals, concerts, lessons, seminars 10-18 July 2010
– You shall yourself during the course, write one A4 size paper reflection on the given subject, that subject/literature will be sent out to the selected students in early June. This reflection is to be handed over to the course administration upon arrival July 10th. Robert Cohen will then during the week conduct a 2 h panel debate on this given subject, where everybody is to attend and tom lively participate!
Those artists accepted into the Aurora Festival  Master Classes Vocal & Piano may not arrive later then 9am the 10th July or leave earlier than 10pm the 18th July, and must not be absent for any reason during the period without express permission from the course management.
(meaning  normally that you check in 9/7 and check out 19/7)
Participants are obliged to advise the management office of their travel plans three weeks in advance of the Academy, otherwise we reserve the right to substitute an alternative participant.

Costs and accommodation
There is no course fee however the participants pay for their own traveling, costs and smal fee for accommodation. For housing 9-19 July we have 2 offers for you:
1) Room at private host families 9-19 July for 800 SEK in total.(read more below)
2) Hotel room – Part in doubleroom 9-19 July we offer you a price of 3600 SEK in total incl breakfest.
3) Hotel room – singleroom 9-19 July we offer you a price of 4600 SEK in total incl breakfest
These 3 deals on accommodation only applies to bookings of all 10 nights 10-19 July. The reservation is prepaid by Joly 1st and can not be refunded

Instructions for accommodation at private host families 9-19th July
We are very pleased to be able to offer all participants private and cheap accommodation 9-19/7 at so many nice host families in Trollhättan. Important instructions if you want to take advantage of this offer

1.  Accommodation can be a bit outside Trollhättan. You must then organize and pay for your travel by bus to and from Trollhättan every day.
2.  You must follow the host family’s rules and show respect for their daily routines. Keep your room and bathroom clean and tidy every day.
3.  You must arrange your own breakfast. If the host family provides breakfast, be sure to offer payment for it.
4. You must participate at the meeting Friday 9 July at 20.00 in Trollhättan. Then we meet all the host families together and showing the way the first time.
5. You have to bring your own bed sheets or sleeping bag and towels

You can buy our special ”Food card” for the course. That includes 12 hot meals (lunch and dinner ). The meals are of basic and good standard including salad, drink, bread and coffee. There will also be vegetarian alternatives. The Food card costs 950 SEK. The restaurant is located in the same building as the course so it’s very convenient.

Studying credits
The course is worth 7,5 studying credit points (ECTS) 6 weeks of fulltime studies in the form of self-study / preparation during weeks 22-27 and in the form of an intensive course week 28. We publisch the repertoire for the chamber music 20/6. You have to participate in all lessons/rehearsals/concerts/seminars during the period of 10-18/7

Trollhättan  is a town located 80km north east of Gothenburg, Sweden.
The easiest connection to Trollhättan  is trough Gothenburg. From both airports in Gothenburg you find Airport busses going to the Central train station (around 30min). From Gothenburg central train station you take a regional train going every hour to Trollhättan  and the tickets for that doesn’t have to be booked in advance, just buy them when you arrive to the station. The train takes around 60 min to Trollhättan and costs around 70 SEK.
It’s also possible to take trains from Copenhagen, Stockholm and Oslo directly to Trollhättan but that normally takes a bit longer time and have to be booked in advance.  Information about all the trains in English
Read more about Trollhättan here, and see map here


Please read all the information in this description as well as in the application form before applying. You have to apply at latest the 15th  May by sending the online application.

1. All applicants should have the basic qualifications needed for high school studies. You should document your advanced skills in your application.

2. Recordings for the selection are not obligatory but applicants with recordings will have a priority during the professor’s selection. If you want you can send in a non-edited Mp3-recording with free of choice repertoire (max 5 minutes). Please write clearly your name and contact details on your recording as well as a table of contents. We must have received your recording at the latest on 15 th May  2010. Please E-mail (Mp3)your recording to Per Nyström per.nystrom@aurorachambermusic.com (you can only send the recording by e-mail)

3. The selection will be based upon musical skills, education and experience. The number of places is limited. We will send all applicants the list of selected participants at the latest on the 31th May

All Academy participants receive an Aurora Festival badge. This allows free access to the Festival concerts

Each participant is responsible for bringing his/her own music scores to Trollhättan (also chamber music / orchestra scores).  Bring also a copy of each score for the use of the professor in the master classes/chamber music.

Practice rooms
We have many practice rooms and pianos that can be reserved at course venue.

Ola Larsson Manager – Aurora Chamber Music. Ph+46 (0) 70 654 12 50.
Per Nyström, Artistic director – Aurora Chamber Music. Ph +46 (0) 708 19 43 47