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Aurora Chamber Music Course – EXTRA

Aurora Chamber Music and Musikakademi Vänersborg welcomes young exceptional international artists to apply for the Aurora Chamber Music Course October-November 2011 In Vänersborg /Sweden. In recent years, over 1400 amazing young artists from 50 countries have participated during the now world famous Aurora festivals.

Master classes – Chamber music – Seminars

Relish the chance to perform in public and exchange creative ideas.Take risks, inspire audiences, meet people and have fun.Become an integral part of a performing arts community of which many of the world’s most important performers are also members.

We take pride in what we offer our participants so take time to read all of the information included in this document before you apply, so that you know what it’s all about.

Ola Larsson/General Manager and Per Nyström/Artistic Director

Last registration day: August 31 

Master Class leaders and professors

Gerhard Schulz – Violin

Alexander Zemtsov – Viola

Jerome Lowenthal – Piano

Wolfgang Emanuel Schmidt – Cello

Per Nyström – Chamber Music

Extra offer for citizens of countries outside of the European Union (EU), European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland.


If so you can also apply for this course but then you will not receive the ECTS credits and you also need to pay a course fee of 3500 SEK.
This option is offered and organized only by the Aurora Chamber Music and has nothing to do with the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. The course contains in all other aspects the same conditions.

Qualification requirements

Entry requirements for this course are that you are or have been enrolled at a music college/academy or equivalent.

Selection criterion: Musical skills based on recording. A recording with free choice of repertoire is compulsory to add in your application.

The selection will be based upon musical skills, education and experience. The number of places is limited. We will send to all applicants the list of selected participants at the latest September 12.

Important information!

  • Your submitted application is binding and you cannot remove it with less than a signed medical certificate.
  • The list of selected students will be sent to all applicants by e-mail at the latest September 12th.
  • The payment for your food and accommodation (if chosen) has to be paid latest September 16th and cannot be refunded.
  • Without ANY exceptions you have to be 100% present in Vänersborg between Sunday October 30th at 15.00 and Saturday November 5th at 22.00.
  • There will be no piano accompanists for the master classes
  • Concerts and the seminar are obligatory for everyone.
  • All participants will be offered at least 2 open individual master classes and at least 2 open chamber music lessons.
  • Each participant is responsible for bringing his/her own solo and chamber music scores to Vänersborg.
  • Groups and repertoire will be selected by the course management before arrival in Vänersborg.
  • All participants will perform in front of the public, in master classes and concerts during the festival. Participants are asked to acknowledge that their master classes or concert performances may be filmed, recorded or photographed as and when required by the course management, and that they consent for such activities to take place on the understanding that they are not filmed, recorded or photographed for any commercial gain.

Accommodation offers

We know, and feel for, that student’s finances are often under pressure. Therefore we try our very hardest to get maximum good and cheapest possible accommodation options for all. Many individuals and families in Vänersborg help in a non-profit way with concept – again, for the best of all students. We have added up all the costs for youth hostels, private homes, transports, service/administration fee etc and then divided the total costs equally among all students. In this way, everyone get really good and cheap accommodation options starting from 1200 SEK in total for all days, 30th October – 6th November, in Vänersborg.

Students from all around the world appreciate this, especially our many students who have expensive travel costs.

What is crucial in order to offer these great benefits, is obviously that, everybody are onboard the ship. The principle is that all shares all costs, and then it will be cheap for everyone.
-One for all, all for one-
Perhaps you of practical and personal reasons wish to arrange a completely independent living, but anyway wish to support Aurora’s housing system to keep the accommodation fees low for your fellow students? Then there is a voluntary option for you to pay 600 SEK as a contribution. This deal of accommodation only applies to bookings of all 7 nights 30th October – 6th November. The reservation must be prepaid by 16th September and cannot be refunded.

Instructions for accommodation at private host families

29 October – 6 November 2011.
1.  Accommodation can be a bit outside Vänersborg. You must then organize and pay for your travel by bus to and from Vänersborg every day.
2. You must follow the host family’s rules and show respect for their daily routines. Keep your room and bathroom clean and tidy every day.
3.  You must arrange your own breakfast. If the host family provides breakfast, be sure to offer payment for it.
4.  You have to bring your own bed sheets or sleeping bag and towels
5.  It’s totally forbidden to invite other people to your room at the host family without a clear permission from the host.
6.  If these rules are not followed Aurora has the right to dismiss you from the course.

Food card

You can buy our special ”Food card” for the course. That includes 10 hot meals (lunch and dinner). The meals are of basic and good standard including salad, drink, bread and coffee. There will also be vegetarian alternatives. The Food card costs 850 SEK. The restaurant is located in the same building as the course so it’s very convenient. The Food card has to be prepaid by September 16th and cannot be refunded. This is just an offer from Aurora, and of course free of choice


Vänersborg is a town located 80 km north east of Gothenburg, Sweden. Read more about Vänersborg and see map here

The easiest connection to Vänersborg is trough Gothenburg. From both airports in Gothenburg you find Airport busses going to the Central train station (around 30min). From Gothenburg central train station you take a regional train going every hour to Vänersborg and the tickets for that doesn’t have to be booked in advance, just buy them when you arrive to the station. The train takes around 60 min to Vänersborg and costs around 70 SEK.
It’s also possible to take trains from Copenhagen, Stockholm and Oslo directly to Trollhättan but that normally takes a bit longer time and has to be booked in advance.
Information about all the trains in English here


All participants receive an Aurora Festival badge. This allows free access to the Festival concerts

Practice rooms

We have many practice rooms and pianos that can be reserved at course venue.


Ola Larsson General Manager – Aurora Chamber Music. Ph+46 (0) 70 654 12 50
Per Nyström, Artistic Director – Aurora Chamber Music. Ph +46 (0) 708 19 43 47