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Aurora Festival Master Classes – Aug 2013

Course period: 5 days during the period 7-18 August 2013

Appl. Deadline: 31May   Info: Cours fee  6000 SEK   (No age or nationality restrictions)

Professors: Vl-Gordan Nikolic, Liana Isakadze ,Vla-Alexander Zemtsov , Vlc- Enrico Dindo, D.bass – Duncan McTier, Chamber music- Per Nyström, Pi– Matti Raekallio, Fl-Denis Bouriakov, Ob– Washington Barella, Clar– Yehuda Gilad, Basson-Valentino Zucchiatti, Horn– Frøydis Ree Wekre , Trp– Rainer Auerbach, Trb– Jonas Bylund


Aurora Chamber Music and Musikakademi Vänersborg welcomes you to apply for the course Aurora Festival Master Classes in August 2013 in Trollhättan /Sweden.



All students will be offered :
– 4 open individual master classes
– each master class is 45 min
– If possible play, perform and receive lessons in chamber music
– seminars and open work shops
– great fun and free concerts

Aurora Music Star  Festival will be held 7-18 August. The Aurora Solo Master Classes – Aug 2013 will start at 09.00 the first day of your selected period and end at 18.00 the last day.

For a 5-day period with 4 solo master classes, you pay a course fee of 6000 SEK. Each lesson is 45 minutes. If you want accompanist you have to arrange (and pay for if asked by the pianist) that yourself, we can provide you with contact information to the many festival pianists.

The course fee of 6000 SEK don’t cover your traveling expenses, accommodation or food.

Below the table of instruments/professors, and exactly when each professor offers Aurora Festival Master Classes for YOUR instrument:


Period 1 Period 2 Period 3
Liana Isakadze – violin  8-12 aug 11-15 aug
Gordan Nikolic – violin  8-12 aug 11-15 aug 14-18 aug
Alexander Zemtsov – viola 12-16 aug 14-18 aug
Enrico Dindo – cello 13-17 aug
Duncan MacTier – double bass  9-13 aug 11-15 aug
Matti Raekallio – piano 12-16 aug 13-17 aug
Dennis Bouriakov – flute  7-11 aug 9-13 aug
Washington Barella – oboe  8-12 aug 11-15 aug 14-18 aug
Yehuda Gilad – clarinet 12-16 aug 15-19 aug
Valentino Zucchiatti – basson  8-12 aug
Froydis Ree-Wekre – horn 12-16 aug 14-18 aug
Rainer Auerbach – trumpet 11-15 aug


For example: In the 1st period for violin professor Liana Isakadze, 8-12/8; you travel in on the 7th, receive lessons 8-12/8, travel out on the 12th




You will need:

Your audition, you have to attach an audio file via Sound Cloud OR a You Tube link: Technical guide – Aurora Audition This has to be a solo performance (with or without accompaniment), repertoire free of choice. One piece is enough, min 5 minutes.




Gordan Nikolic

Liana Isakadze

Alexander Zemtsov

Mischa Maisky

Enrico Dindo








Duncan McTier

Per Nyström

Matti Raekallio – piano

Denis Bouriakov

Washington Barella

Yehuda Gilad

Valentino Zucchiatti


Frøydis Ree Wekre

Rainer Auerbach –

Jonas Bylund











Host family 5 nights 1000 SEK

Hotel room, sharing a doube room 5 nights 2300 SEK

Hotel room, singel room 5 nights 2900 SEK

Performance and Selection

The selection will be based upon musical skills, education and experience.

The number of places is limited. We will send to all applicants the list of selected participants at the latest June 23


Trollhättan is a town located 80 km north of Gothenburg, Sweden.

Read more about Trollhättan and see map

The easiest connection to Trollhättan is trough Gothenburg. From both airports in Gothenburg you find Airport busses going to the Central train station (around 30min). From Gothenburg central train station you take a regional train going every hour to Trollhättan and the tickets for that doesn’t have to be booked in advance, just buy them when you arrive to the station. The train takes around 40 min to Trollhättan and costs around 70 SEK.

It’s also possible to take trains from Copenhagen, Stockholm and Oslo directly to Trollhättan but that normally takes a bit longer time and have to be booked in advance.
Information about all the trains in English



Welcome to Auroraland

Ola Larsson/General Manager and Per Nyström/Artistic Director