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-One for all, all for one-Many individuals and families in Vänersborg/Trollhättan help in a non-profit way with this concept, for the best for all students.We have added up all the costs for youth hostels, private homes, transports, service/administration fee etc and then divided the total costs equally among all students.In this way, everyone get really good and cheap accommodation options starting from 1200 SEK in total for all days, 25/10-3/11 If you wish to arrange a completely independent living? Then you can support your fellow students with the option of 600 SEK as a contribution to the system.- This deals of accommodation only applies to bookings of all 9 nights 25/10-3/11.- The reservation must be prepaid by October 1 and cannot be refunded.

Host family 1200 SEK

Hotel room sharing a double room 3900 kr

Hotel room singel room 5700 kr


Vänersborg is a town located 80 km north of Gothenburg, Sweden.

Read more about Vänersborg and see map

The easiest connection to Vänersborg is trough Gothenburg. From both airports in Gothenburg you find Airport busses going to the Central train station (around 30min). From Gothenburg central train station you take a regional train going every hour to Vänersborg and the tickets for that doesn’t have to be booked in advance, just buy them when you arrive to the station. The train takes around 40 min to Vänersborg and costs around 70 SEK.

Information about all the trains in English