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Aurora – Master Classes Extra – Aug 2015


Aurora Chamber Music and Musikakademi Vänersborg welcomes you to apply for the course

Aurora –  Master Classes Extra – August 2015 in Trollhättan/Sweden.


  • Course period: 4 solo master classes in various 5 day periods within the frame dates 14-24 August 2015
  • Cóurse fee: 6000 SEK
  • Application Deadline: 11 May
  • Audio or Video-recording (Sound cloud or YouTube advisable) is obligatory when applying to the Aurora master classes.
  • No age or nationality restrictions


Kurt Masur Conductor

Kurt Masur

Johannes Gustafsson

Johannes Gustafsson

Gordan Nicolic Violin

Gordan Nicolic

Stephan Picard Violin

Stephan Picard


Rachel Roberts

Peter Bruns

Peter Bruns

Per Nyström

Per Nyström

Joel Quarrington Double bass

Joel Quarrington
Double bass

Mats Widlund

Mats Widlund

William Bennet Flute

William Bennet

Yehuda Gilad

Yehuda Gilad

David Walter Oboe

David Walter

Robin ONeill Basson

Robin ONeill

Marie-Luise Neunecker French horn

Marie-Luise Neunecker
French horn

Jeroen Berwaerts

Jeroen Berwaerts

Ian Bousfield Trombone

Ian Bousfield


Ola Larsson
General Manager



Application – you need:

An audio or video-recording. The only way to audition to Aurora is by adding an audio or video URL (link address) into the Aurora application form.
The most common tool for this is Sound cloud or You Tube, but of course you can use any other provider as long as it provides you/us with an URL-link without any log-in needs etc.: Technical guide – Aurora Audition This has to be a solo performance (with or without accompaniment), repertoire free of choice. One piece is enough, minimum 5 minutes.

Application – process:

1. Make the online application. Click ”Apply here” below. It takes about 5 min and you need to have the link to your audition ready.

2. If you are under 18, you must bring at least one parent to Trollhättan to be with you during all the course days. You must then also first write to us at info@aurorachambermusic.com to receive instructions on how to sign up.

3. If selected, you will be in Trollhättan at least 5 days to get your 4 master classes. On June 9, you will know exactly what date it will be for you in the frame period August 15-23. In other words, you must keep all days free within this frame period when you register until you are notified on June 16

4. June 22 deadline to pay your course fee and accomodation



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Welcome to Auroraland Ola Larsson/General Manager and Per Nyström/Artistic Director