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NEW! – Aurora Festival Master Classes

Aurora Chamber Music presents a new course in its already large range of international courses and festivals in Sweden.
During each of Aurora’s three annual festivals & master classes (April, August and October), we will offer a shorter periods only concentrated on solo master class.
Each time there will be only a few such places for this concentrated master class as every festival already contains other master classes, chamber music (- and in summer even orchestra) with hundreds of participants from around the world.
The new Aurora Festival Master Classes contains only of solo master classes.
Aurora is proud to always present very prominent leaders of our master classes (see which has been involved over the years click here )

Aurora Music Star  Festival will be held 10-21st of August. During this festival we will organize Aurora Festival Master Classes for the first time. The Festival master classes will start at 09.00 the first day of your selected period and end at 18.00 the last day.

For a 5-day period with 4 solo master classes, you pay a course fee of 5500 SEK. Each lesson is 45 minutes. If you want accompanist you have to arrange (and pay for if asked by the pianist) that yourself, we can provide you with contact information to the many festival pianists.

There might be a possibility to play, perform and receive lessons in chambermusic. This is defined by number of selected students and instruments. Notification about chambermusic will be sent out shortly before the course.

The course fee of 5500 SEK don’t cover your traveling expenses, accommodation or food. However you are very welcome to use  Aurora’s very reasonable and special offers for food and accommodation. See detailed information in the registration link at the bottom of this email.

Application deadline for this course is 1/8, with a first selection 25/6. Those of you who signed up latest 25/6 will be noticed (with information of how to pay the course fee) latest 30/6, if you are accepted or not. Next selection is 1/8, with a notice 5/8. The course fee must be paid within 5 days after the notice has been sent out.

Recording is obligatory. We only accept recordings sent electronically in MP3 format. In the registration form in the link below, there is a technical help for both Mac & PC if you need help to assemble, cut, or format your audio file. Note that each audio file can be maximum 8MB.

Below the table of instruments/professors, and exactly when each professor offers Aurora Festival Master Classes for YOUR instrument:

Master class with Period 1 Period 2
Midori – Violin 11-15/8 16-20/8
György Pauk – Violin 11-15/8 16-20/8
Tatjana Masurenko – Viola 13-17/8
Alexander Rudin – Cello 13-17/8
Sebastien Dube – Double bass 16-20/8
Cecilie Løken – Flute 12-16/8
David Friedemann Strunck – Oboe 16-20/8
Yehuda Gilad – Clarinet 17-21/8
Ole Kristian Dahl – Bassoon 16-20/8
Markus Maskuniitty – Horn 16-20/8
Ozan Cakar – Horn 10-14/8
Bo Nilsson – Trumpet 10-14/8
Sven Erik Eriksson- Trombone 10-14/8
Mats Widlund – Piano 16-20/8

*On violin it will be 2 lessons for Midori, and 2 lessons for Pauk.